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Dear John:
I have been collecting for my brother First Edition signed/unsigned books by Vince Flynn for a few years now.  I assume it is better to collect all the books an author has written than certain ones you may like from several authors.  Is that true, or does it matter? (Nancy, New York)

Virginia responds:
Collecting books is a lot like collecting art. . . it's in the eye of the beholder.  First and foremost, we recommend that folks collect authors that interest them.  And then there is the argument that a complete collection of an author has greater value (as an asset) than collecting (signed, 1st editions) "here and there."  At one point John had a complete collection of Dean Koontz (including his 11 pseudonyms).  He was able to sell just that portion of his collection because of the condition of the books individually, and as a part of the whole.  At the same time, (personally) have one, or two titles (signed) simply because we enjoy those particular books.
We have customers that collect only 1st/1st or books with the word "Green" in it (go figure).
All in all, I believe that it is always better to get a collectible (signed, 1st/1st) when considering what to purchase as it will benefit the collection as it matures.
All the best,

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