Affiliate Program for VJ Books customers
Do you have your own website or blog? Want to earn extra money telling others about VJ Books?

Our affiliate program allows you to generate income, by telling others about VJ Books. You can create a link to any of the books we offer or use one of our pre-made banner ads.


VJ Books offers a five tiered commission structure. Everyone who signs up to be an affiliate is considered a 1st tier.The current payout schedule is structured thusly.

Tier 1 - 4%
Tier 2 - 2%
Tier 3 - 1%
Tier 4 - 0.5%
Tier 5 - 0.25%

Example #1 - You sign up for our affiliate program. A visitor from your site visits our site, via a link you posted, and purchases a $50 book. You would earn a $2 commission for the sale of that single book.

Example #2 - The customer that you sent to VJ Books and who bought a book decides that he also wants to be an affiliate. (We will call him Fred.) Fred puts a link up on his website and refers someone to VJ Books, who in turn, buys a $50 book. For this sale, Fred will earn a $2 (Tier 1) commission. You, as the person who originally referred Fred, will earn a $1 (Tier 2) commission.

Example #3 - Fred gets two other individuals, Sally and Bob, to sign up as an affiliate. They both put an ad on their website, which results in each selling a $50 book. Both Sally and Bob will each earn $2 (Tier 1) for their commission. Fred will earn two $1 (Tier 2) commissions for the sales, totaling $2. You, as the original affiliate, will also earn a commission on these sales. In this case, you would earn the Tier 3 commission, or $0.50 ($0.25 x2), for these sales.

Commission payouts are paid at the begining of the next month after an affiliate earns $50 in applicable commissions. For example, you pass $50 in commissions on June 12th. A check will be issued during the first week of July for the total amount of your earned commissions through June 30th. In this way, you will start the new month, with a zero balance and a check in the mail.

Each customer that you send to the VJ Books website will be tracked for 14 days using your affiliate information. This gives them 2 weeks to make a purchase based on your recommendation.


Sign up and get started:

To sign up, click the button below to be redirected to our Share-A-Sale sign-up page, or: click here.

You will receive your own unique URL which will automatically track all sales you generate. All you have to do is link to us on your site and you will earn a percentage of each sale.