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John gives us an update -
Just as I was finishing Don Winslow's Savages I learned that he had agreed to co-write a script from the story with Oliver Stone.   He's working on the first draft of the screenplay while Stone finishes Wall Street 2.  Several drafts are likely.


Winslow said that he wanted to "bust the crime-fiction genre open."  He believes that writers are becoming bound by definitions and sees it becoming increasingly difficult for an author to do anything new or different.  He considers Savages his most creative work yet. 


Savages has the potential to become a thrilling and powerful film. Stone has decades of experience so he's got more than enough know-how to handle this material right. Not only is he directing, producing and co-writing Savages, he's also putting up his own money to fund it, which shows that he really believes in the project.
Do yourself a favor - read Savages - you won't regret it!