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Author Update: Jack Du Brul - May 2015

Jack Du BrulAfter nearly a decade Jack Du Brul has returned to his roots, and I couldn't be more pleased. I just finished reading an advance copy of Jack's new adventure, THE LIGHTNING STONES, and you can tell the world that Philip Mercer is back! Mercer, the celebrated geologist with a special taste for international intrigue, shows up in classic form in this, the 8th book in the series that began with VULCAN'S FORGE (1998).

Du Brul's last Mercer novel, HAVOC, appeared in 2005, but Mercer's reappearance was delayed while the author wrote seven NY Times bestsellers with Clive Cussler.

I spoke with Jack recently and asked him what it was like to return to Mercer after such a long hiatus. He related that writing Mercer was easier that he first thought it would be and that his first pause was when he reintroduced Harry White, Mercer's longtime friend and cohort. After that was done it was smooth sailing.

Du Brul ended his association with Clive Cussler with the 2013 publication of MIRAGE. He has a new publisher, Doubleday, and a multi-book deal that promises more Philip Mercer adventures yet.

In THE LIGHTNING STONES Mercer finds himself in the Leister Deep copper mine in Minnesota, where he is stunned to hear the unmistakable report of automatic gunfire in the massive underground chambers. Mercer follows the reports, and finds that his friend and mentor, Abe Jacobs, and his entire research team brutally executed.

Mercer must find the reason for these senseless murders . . . and as he seeks revenge for his friend, the story launches into a high octane thriller loaded with mystery, suspense, cutting-edge science, and even a little romance just to spice it up a bit. Mercer is thrust into an international hunt for the murderers—and the frightening secret of what they were looking for, and how it may put all of mankind at risk. THE LIGHTNING STONES is Du Brul in top form. Welcome back Mercer - you have been away too long!

- John