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Search For Your Favorite Authors!

We have "first name" relationships with over 700 authors who sign our books.

These authors have graciously agreed (and in many cases offered) to sign current and back list books for us. We believe our customer is not only the reader, fan and book collector, but the author as well. Our goal is to support authors any way possible. Author pages include biographies, bibliographies and direct links to author websites.

We appreciate your business and the authors whose books we represent!

Because the list of authors is so huge we've provided a couple of ways to find a specific writer by their last name:
  1. Option 1 (Easy):
    Click the author names below. They are in alphabetical order.
  2. Option 2 (Easiest):
    Search for book authors by typing part of their names into the field below; a list of authors with those letters in their names will appear; just click the author name that you want to go directly to that author's page.