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Dear John:
Do you have a recommendation or preference for book jacket covers, such as Brodart or Gaylord? Also, should 1.5 mil suffice for home libraries, or would 2.0 mil be better? I'm in the process of moving and may have to put my books in storage temporarily (I know, I cringe thinking about that!) and wonder if 2.0 might be more durable. I'm thinking that 1.5 should be ok, and maybe 2.0 for larger and heavier coffee table books.

John Replies:
Dear Jay,
Book Jacket CoversBook Jacket CoversWe prefer Gaylord (and have them on the Accessory link on the site) as they are clearer and brighter covers. 1.5 mil. should do fine (it's what we use). When storing your books, we recommend including some silica packs to prevent any moisture from damaging them. The size, uniformity and durability of the boxes is important too, especially if you are going to stack them. When boxing the books lay them flat - not "on end" - and they will suffer less damage.
Best, John
* Side-note - VJ Books also sells book jacket covers as well as offering book jacket covering services.

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