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John gets the latest from Justin Scott, Thomas Perry, and Jack DuBrul

It's going to be an interesting year for Cussler Crazies.

Jack DuBrulI just had an interesting conversation with Jack DuBrul who is finishing up the next Juan Cabrillo - Oregon Files book, MIRAGE. Jack took a little breather after writing several books for team Cussler, but it looks like Mirage is back on schedule for November 2013. After that he is going to jump back into the Phil Mercer book that has been on-hold for quite some time. He is a little secretive about the Mercer book, but did say that it will involve the infamous aviator Amelia Earhart.

I had the opportunity to ask Justin Scott what was in the works for him with THE STRIKER (March 2013) due out next month. He is already hard at work on the next Isaac Bell thriller called THE RUM RUNNER. Justin's other voice, Paul Garrison, is finishing up a final rewrite of the book he is doing for Robert Ludlum called THE JANSON OPTION. Justin was really pleased with the Norwood Press edition of THE SHIPKILLER that we did early last summer.

Graham Brown's newest Numa Files book, ZERO HOUR, releases in May, with more coming after that.

And finally, Edgar Winner Thomas Perry (while working on the next installment in the Fargo series) brings us this March a highly original and clever thriller that features a retired LAPD homicide detective turned PI. It's called THE BOYFRIEND .

Hope this give you something to think about.