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John meets with NY Times Bestselling Author Daniel H. Wilson!

I was able to sit down this morning with Daniel H. Wilson at a small coffee shop in The Pearl, a trendy neighborhood in the heart of Portland, where he makes his home. At just 34 years old, Wilson came from Oklahoma via Seattle before settling in Portland.

His is an amazing story. With a MS in Robotics, an MS in Machine Language under his belt he went on to earn his PHD in Robotics at Carnegie Mellon. Before turning his attention to fiction, Wilson penned five non-fiction titles. His third novel, AMPED, was just released, and has just been optioned for film.

He sold the film rights to his second novel, ROBOPOCALYPSE to Dreamworks SKG, with Stephen Spielberg officially signing on to direct. Wilson spoke of his relationship with Spielberg, "while I wouldn't quite call us friends, we recently spent over four hours together discussing robots." Wilson will be a technical adviser (robotics) to Spielberg on the production schedule for a Spring 2014 release. ROBOPOCALYPSE is expected to be Spielberg's next big box office success.

"Dr." Wilson is someone to watch, and with his last two novels he has clearly claimed mainstream recognition. He is already at work on the sequel to ROBOPOCALYPSE; ROBOGENESIS should be ready when the movie is released.