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Erin Morgenstern Erin Morgenstern was raised in Marshfield, Massachusetts and studied theater and studio art at Smith College. In addition to writing, she paints, mostly in acrylics, including the Phantomwise tarot deck. She signed with Inkwell Management in May 2010 after being rejected by thirty literary agents, and sold her debut novel to Doubleday in September 2010; The Night Circus was published in September 2011. She has participated in National Novel Writing Month since 2003, and first wrote about what would become The Night Circus in November 2005. Morgenstern has since moved to New York City.

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The Starless Sea
Signed First Edition

The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern

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  • The Night Circus - September 2011
  • The Starless Sea - November 2019

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