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FANFARE and The Lost Codex by Alan Jacobson

The Lost Codex by Alan JacobsonWhen I read an early copy of THE LOST CODEX, I was excited that we might be able to publish it with Alan Jacobson. Thanks to you THE LOST CODEX will now follow in the proud tradition of INMATE 1577, HARD TARGET, NO WAY OUT and SPECTRUM, appearing as a Norwood Press exclusive.

As of last night, when all the pledges where added up, we had reached nearly 200% of our goal. When FANFARE was first announced there was some question whether we could fund this Alan Jacobson title, but it didn't last long with our loyal customers pledging generously.

My special thanks to Steve who grabbed up "Be Famous" for the third consecutive year, and to Richard who we look forward to seeing for a second time in wine country with his second "I'm Your Biggest Fan" pledge. You guys are the best!

Even though our funding is complete, we are leaving the campaign open for those who still wish to be a part of this publishing event. Don't miss out - your name can still appear in our special edition. Make your pledge today.
With the project secure, Alan and I will be moving forward with the production of the book. He is making final minor changes to the copy and adjusting it to meet our format. The dustcover is receiving last minute inspection - making sure it meets expectation.

We will keep you posted as we move forward. THE LOST CODEX by Alan Jacobson, a Norwood Press FANFARE event - absolutely awesome!

VJ Books
July 29, 2015