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George R.R. Martin George R. R. Martin was born in Bayonne, New Jersey in 1948. He devoured books as a child and began writing very early on, selling his tales to neighborhood children for pennies. Later, he got into comic books and began writing for amateur fan magazines. Martin studied Journalism at Northwestern University. He graduated summa cum laude and continued on to complete his masters there. His first professionally published story was sold at age 21 to Galaxy magazine.

Martin did two years of alternative service at the Cook County Legal Assistance Foundation as a conscientious objector, while also directing chess tournaments. Later he began teaching journalism part-time at Clarke College in Iowa. He spent a year as writer-in-residence at Clarke before moving to Santa Fe and turning to writing full time in 1979. He was written an abundance of short stories, novelettes, and full-length novels. He is best known for his best-selling epic fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire, later adapted into the HBO series A Game of Thrones. You can find our selection of George R.R. Martin signed books below the biography.

A Game of Thrones was hardly Martin's first experience with Hollywood, however. He worked as a story editor for Twilight Zone at CBS in 1986, and later became a producer, co-supervising producer, and executive producer, as well as writing numerous screenplays, including several episodes of Game of Thrones. He has also had cameo roles in Sharknado 3, Z Nation, and the original Game of Thrones pilot episode.

Martin was the South-Central Regional Director of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America from 1977-1979, and still remains a member. He also served as the Vice President of the Writers' Guild of America, West from 1996-1998.

Martin currently lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with his wife, Parris.

George R.R. Martin Book List
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Full House

Signed First Edition

Full House by George R.R. Martin

Three Kings

Signed First Edition

Three Kings by George R.R. Martin

Joker Moon

Signed First Edition

Joker Moon by George R.R. Martin

Deuces Down: A Wild Cards Novel

Signed First Edition

Deuces Down: A Wild Cards Novel by George R.R. Martin

Knaves Over Queens

Signed First Edition

Knaves Over Queens by George R.R. Martin

Texas Hold'Em

Signed First Edition

Texas Hold'Em by George R.R. Martin

George R.R. Martin Selected Bibliography

A Song of Ice and Fire Books

  • A Game of Thrones - 1996
  • A Clash of Kings - 1998
  • A Storm of Swords - 2000
  • A Feast for Crows - 2005
  • A Dance with Dragons - 2011

Game of Thrones Books

  • A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms - 2015
  • Fire and Blood - 2018

Wild Cards Books

  • Wild Cards - 1986
  • Wild Cards II: Aces High - 1987
  • Wild Cards III: Jokers Wild - 1987
  • Wild Cards IV: Aces Abroad - 1988
  • Wild Cards V: Down & Dirty - 1988
  • Wild Cards VI: Ace in the Hole - 1990
  • Wild Cards VII: Dead Manís Hand - 1990
  • Wild Cards VIII: One-Eyed Jacks - 1991
  • Wild Cards IX: Jokertown Shuffle - 1991
  • Wild Cards X: Double Solitaire, a novel by Melinda M. Snodgrass - 1992
  • Wild Cards XI: Dealerís Choice - 1992
  • Wild Cards XII: Turn of the Cards, a novel by Victor Milan, Bantam Books - 1993
  • Card Sharks (Wild Cards 13) - 1993
  • Marked Cards (Wild Cards 14) - 1994
  • Black Trump (Wild Cards 15) - 1995
  • Wild Cards XVI: Deuces Down - 2002
  • Wild Cards XVII: Death Draws Five, a novel by John J. Miller, ibooks - 2006
  • Inside Straight (Wild Cards 18) - 2008
  • Busted Flush (Wild Cards 19) - 2008
  • Suicide Kings (Wild Cards 20) - 2009
  • Fort Freak (Wild Cards 21) - 2011
  • Lowball, (Wild Cards 22) - 2014
  • High Stakes, (Wild Cards 23) - 2016
  • Mississippi Roll (Wild Cards 24) - 2017
  • Knaves Over Queens - 2018
  • Texas Hold'Em - 2018
  • Knaves Over Queens - 2019
  • Deuces Down: A Wild Cards Novel - 2021
  • Joker Moon - 2021
  • Three Kings - 2022
  • Full House - 2022

Other Novels

  • The Science Fiction Weight-Loss Book - 1983
  • Songs of the Dying Earth - 2009
  • Songs of Love and Death - 2010
  • Down These Strange Streets - 2011
  • Warriors - 2013
  • Old Mars - 2013
  • Rogues - 2014
  • Old Venus - 2015

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