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How to Pack Books for Moving

Dear John and Virginia:
If you could send me suggestions on a good, neat, and efficient way to box up my book collection for the move, I would greatly appreciate it.
John replies:
Hi Brad,
If there is any way for you to pick up some book boxes, it's the way to go. The ideal size is 20 x 14 x 8. Fill any empty spaces with cut cardboard. Don't use popcorn, as it crushes. This supports the boxes to keep their "square" and supports the sides as they are stacked.
Best Regards,
John and Virginia

Laura replies:

Hi Brad,

I found a very helpful video (see below) on how to pack books for a move (video created by Vancouver Moving Company Ferguson Moving & Storage located in Vancouver B.C). Although the video was created for their staff, I think you might also find it helpful.

Best Regards,

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