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Dear John:

I really enjoy reading Clive Cussler books. I have also read some of Alan Jacobson and Vince Flynn books as well. While I find the story lines exciting, I do not enjoy the excessive use of cursing I find in the latter two author's books. Clive's books seem to keep the language somewhat cleaner. Do you have a recommendation of another author similar to Clive?


John Replies:

Hi Mark,

Clive practices a standard that avoids excessive violence, sex or swearing from his books. He is almost unique in that posture. Unfortunately, books don't have a rating system that discloses "adult language." Virginia and I just looked through books by some of our favorite authors and found them loaded with f-bombs and other expletives. I did just read A Wanted Man by Lee Child and upon a brief review of the pages I found it to be free of such nuances. I would suspect, knowing Lee Child that would probably be true of any of the Jack Reacher novels.

It is probably most difficult to find what you seek in hardcore mystery. You might try historical fiction or other adventure authors like Patrick O'Brien, Justin Scott and see how they turn out.


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