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VJ Books Presents John Pitts (aka J.A. Pitts)!

Author J.A. PittsJohn (J.A.) Pitts grew up in Kentucky. He has a B.A. in English and a Masters of Library Science from the University of Kentucky. Pitts is also a graduate of the Oregon Coast Writers Workshops.

In addition to writing Urban Fantasy novels, his short fiction has been published in the Fortean Bureau, Talebones magazine, and the four DAW anthologies: Swordplay, Zombie Raccoons and Killer Bunnies, The Trouble with Heroes, and Courts of the Fey.

When Pitt isn't writing, he enjoys practicing martial arts with his children and spending time with his wife. He and his family live in the Pacific Northwest.

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J.A. Pitts Bibliography

Sarah Beauhall Series

  1. Black Blade Blues - 2010
  2. Honeyed Words - 2011
  3. Forged in Fire - 2012
  4. Night Terrors - 2016

Other Novels

  • Bravado's House of Blues - 2013

J.A. Pitts Awards

  • Spectrum Award for Honeyed Words - 2012

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