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Dear John:
"I have your book Havoc. I have just started reading Corsair. I got hooked on Clive Cussler books last summer an have read all his books including Medusa. I notice a difference in style when he co-authors his books. So, my question to you is there an order in which I should read Cussler's books? If so, what would you suggest?"

(Alan C., ME)

John responds:
"Jack DuBrul's series featuring geologist/adventurer Phil Mercer is a must-read for Cussler fans. DuBrul delivers suspense and intrigue in, as Cussler has said "a fast moving odyssey that is second to none!" While I strongly recommend all of the Mercer novels, reading them in order allows the characters to develop and mature as the author intended. Vulcan's Forge was the debut, followed by Charon's Landing, The Medusa Stone, Pandora's Curse, River of Ruin, Deep Fire Rising, and finally Havoc (which is available as a Norwood Press limited edition). Mercer is on hiatus while DuBrul pounds out Cussler's Oregon Files stories featuring Juan Cabrillo, or as Jack told me "Mercer is kicking back with Harry White at Tiny's Bar." Read them all . . . you will not be disappointed!"

Good reading!

Laura adds: You can also find a chronological list of Clive's books our website. You'll find the list at the bottom of his author page. Click here to go to Clive's home page.

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