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Clive Cussler Lettered Limited Edition Books

VJ Books is the home of Norwood Press who, in association with the Clive Cussler Collector's Society, is proud to be the authorized publisher of Clive Cussler limited editions.

In addition to the ever popular Dirk Pitt series, co-authored by Clive's son Dirk, deluxe limited editions are produced for the NUMA Files featuring Kurt Austin. Other series offered include The Oregon Files featuring Juan Cabrillo, co-authored by Jack DuBrul; The Fargo Adventures, featuring Sam and Remi Fargo co-authored by Grant Blackwood; and the newest series featuring Isaac Bell co-authored by Justin Scott.

Limited editions are signed by both Clive Cussler and the co-author.

Numbered editions are numbered 1-98, have custom 3/4 marbled boards in a matching slip-case and are stamped in gold. Lettered editions are lettered A-ZZ and come in a fully marbled slip-case with custom boards and end papers, stamped in platinum. Lettered editions are by subscription with future placement guaranteed.

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Limited Edition

Signed Limited Edition Pirate by Clive Cussler and Robin Burcell

Odessa Sea
Limited Edition

Signed Limited Edition Odessa Sea by Clive Cussler and Dirk Cussler

The Pharaoh's Secret
Limited Edition

Signed Limited Edition Pharaoh's Secret by Clive Cussler and Graham Brown

Arctic Drift
Limited Edition

Arctic Drift by Clive Cussler and Dirk Cussler

Limited Edition

Shockwave by Clive Cussler

Poseidon's Arrow
Limited Edition

Poseidon's Arrow by Clive Cussler and Dirk Cussler