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The Library Journal reviews Alan Jacobson's No Way Out

No Way Out FBI profiler Karen Vail can't catch a break. After her last case (detailed in Inmate 1577), she is needed in England to solve the bombing of a London art gallery. Scotland Yard doesn't want her help, and Vail needs a success to get back in the good graces of her superiors. A cursory examination of the explosion site reveals the existence of a secret manuscript that could change the history of the written word forever. Then someone she knows and trusts appears to have become a traitor.

Verdict - Vail is a terrific character, and throwing her into a foreign environment without her usual allies invigorates the plot and the series. Jacobson also knows how to throw in plot twists that are shocking but logical at the same time. Fans who have tired of James Patterson may enjoy discovering this author with this outstanding thriller.ÑJeff Ayers, Seattle P.L.

"Vail is a terrific character andÉJacobson knows how to throw in plot twists that are shocking but logicalÉ(in) this outstanding thriller." - Library Journal

"Plot twists that are shocking but logicalÉOutstanding thriller."- Library Journal

"Outstanding thriller."- Library Journal