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VJ Books announced today that W.E.B. Griffin is author of the month for December 2011.

Griffin's latest suspense novel, Covert Warriors, will keep fans on the edge of their seats.

Press Release - Tualatin, Oregon - December 6, 2011 - W.E.B. Griffin is the best-selling author of nearly fifty epic novels in six different series, all of which have made The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Publisher's Weekly, and other bestseller lists.Griffin has more than forty-five million books in print in more than ten languages.

Before becoming a writer, Griffin received counterintelligence training in the Army and was assigned to the Army of Occupation in Germany, and ultimately to the staff of then-Major General I.D. White, commander of the U.S. Constabulary.In 1951, Griffin was recalled to active duty for the Korean War and earned the Combat Infantry Badge as a combat correspondent and later served as acting X Corps information officer under Lieutenant General White.

For those of you who have wondered just what "W.E.B." stands for let it be revealed that Griffin's curious initials stand for his real name "William Edmund Butterworth III." Griffin is just one of fourteen pennames that he uses, many of which were made from family names. He and his son, William Edmund Butterworth IV, coauthor books in several series.Saboteurs was the first book that they wrote together.

Griffin's series include: The Presidential Agent Series, The Corp Series, The Brotherhood of War Series, The Badge of Honor Series, The Honor Bound Series, and the Men at War Series.

Covert Warriors by W.E.B. GriffinAbout Covert Warriors -

Covert Warriors is the seventh book in the ever popular ‘Presidential Agent' series. It is another meticulously plotted thriller that will carry readers away on an exciting new adventure with Charley Castillo and his band of can-do compatriots.

Summary for Covert Warriors -

There's an uneasy and unholy alliance building across the Caribbean. Few in the U.S. government want to believe that a Third World country and its chest-thumping leader could pose a credible threat-but then why are the Chinese helping to train its special forces? Why are the Russians helping to build a nuclear power plant?

Charley Castillo and his men go in to investigate, but they have no idea what they have just gotten themselves into. By the time they finish connecting the dots, they will be on the hit lists of the Kremlin, the Cubans, the Venezuelans, and the drug cartels-and totally out on their own. Whatever happens next, they'll have to do it by themselves.

VJ Books is offering signed 1st editions of Covert Warriors as well as other Griffin titles, many of which are at special "Author of the Month" pricing.