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Dear John:

John, if in fact that is your name. I have a book on my hands that is stumping.

A Norwood Press on the outside, a Berkley book on the inside. The binding seems at the most brown leather material, at the very least a brown faux leather material stamped in gold on the spine. On your website you are only listing two quarter leather editions, one numbered and one lettered.

This book has a limitation page stating that this is a special hardcover edition of Dark Watch of 100 copies of which this seems to be an un-numbered copy of that group. It has been signed by Clive and Jack Du Brul.

What do I have here sitting in front of me?


Dear Pat:

Yes, John is in fact my given name,

When Putnam/Berkley decided not to produce a hardcover of Dark Watch, our imprint (Norwood Press) was asked to produce one. We purchased the page blocks from Berkley and rebound them in three states, a limited hardcover of 100 copies (the one in your possession), a limited numbered of 98 copies and a limited lettered of 52 copies. We did similar treatment for Sacred Stone and Skeleton Coast.

The limited hardcover (the one you have) sold out almost immediately, and that is why you don't see it on our site. The original was $49.99.

I hope this helps.

Best Wishes,


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