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The Search for Dirk Pitt!

So for those of you wondering where DIRK PITT is these days, I learned from Dirk Cussler just this morning that "Pitt is currently in a slave camp in Panama." Cussler shared that the newest Dirk Pitt Adventure is now scheduled for release sometime around Christmas 2012. No title has been assigned, but you can now be assured that each Clive Cussler series will have an installment in this year.

First up will be The Thief (with Justin Scott) scheduled for release March 2012, followed by The Storm (with Graham Brown), the Mirage (with Jack DuBrul), and with the new Dirk Pitt rounding out the 2012 Cussler calendar. This is a big year for the Cussler franchise, and we are pleased to see Dirk Cussler back in the mix.