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Dear John:

I was just reading about your love of Robert Ludlum's works. Maybe you could give me some info on the series collaborators for future entries in the Covert One series.

Janus Reprisal Covert OneI really enjoyed Kyle Mills' take on the series and hoped that he would become an ongoing collaborator for this series. Now Jamie Freveletti has contributed the latest installment in the series. Does this mean Kyle is out for future installments or does it mean that more than one collaborator will alternate in the series or does it mean the estate is pitting one contributor against the other to see who wins in sales.

I would appreciate your thoughts on this matter.
- Jack

John Replies:

Hi Jack -

It appears that the estate has left the Covert One series kind of "up for grabs." On the other hand, they seem committed to Eric Van Lustbader for the Bourne series. What happens with the rest is any one's guess.
- John

Update 8/14/2014 - To see an ongoing list of all Covert One series authors, check Robert Ludlum's bibliography at the bottom of his VJ Books author page. We do our best to keep the book list up-to-date.

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