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Ben Writes:

Hey John,

Got an interesting question. After many years of searching I have finally got my hands on a copy of blue gold Cahill edition hardcover. In everything that I have read, it appears, even according to your own blog, that there were only 100 copies made (110 copies, 100 for sale, 10 for presentation) and 52 lettered editions. I have attached pics of my copy. They are labeled 1-5. You will notice that there is a watermark on the signature and number page that is what I can best read, "100 percent cotton" and something else, but it is a reverse image.

All this goes to saying, that as there is very little data, I found worthpoint had about 10 or so copies. But they had copies that went over 100 and have a different signature page. Attached are pictures also labeled wp1-5. Are these fake? I only found two on worthpoint with a signature page like mine, one saying 75 of 100, and one numbered 78 which would make it like my copy and none with lettered editions. Can you shed light one this? Thanks!


John Replies:


Sorry, I am at a loss to explain this. First; all signature pages are genuine, and each was numbered by me personally.

All copies of Blue Gold were in our possession after production, and I numbered each of them as they went out. I do not, however, remembered what the signature page looked like, and am surprised that you have found two variations - again each numbered by me.

Too much time has elapsed for me to recall the exact specifics for that book. We did not produce it - just distributed it, so I have no production notes.

This book has become second to the Dodd Meade edition of Iceberg as the most sought after Cussler title. It is the lowest production run of any Cussler titles, and you are fortunate to have secured a copy. They don't come up very often.

As for the page, it might have to remain a mystery.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.



Ben Replies:

Hey John, I promise only one more question. This is about Serpent, not Blue Gold. My previous email asked about any details on Serpent. The copies I bought were from [an] auction.

Interestingly, there is the normal 100 copy edition. I have found many of these in pictures online. But the second copy has a different spine and signature page. I have attached pictures. The unique one that I have never seen anywhere says on the signature page, Norwood Press Tualatin Oregon 97062 with the date 2015. It is limited to 50 copies and says special printing. I guess this was a small second run. The spine also has Norwood Press on it instead of Private Press. Thanks for taking the time for me so far answering these questions!

John Replies:

Glad to help!

The book with the cobra was done as Private Press (James Cahill) for us and was distributed exclusively by VJ Books. It was released as the first of the two editions in question.

The other, Norwood Press edition was done by us. As you have figured out, Norwood Press is our imprint. You are correct it was a small run (50 copies), and we produced it because collectors were frustrated with the lack of availability of a hardcover of Serpent.

I may be prejudiced, but I believe that our edition is much more attractive.

Always happy to help.


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