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Dear John:
Is information revealing whether a book is a first edition printed on a dust jacket, or only inside? That is, would the dust jacket change with printings and editions? Thank you for your attention and assistance.

John Replies:
Dear Alex:
Identification of First Editions, Pocket GuideThe edition designation is only available on the copyright page of the book. To ascertain if a book is a first edition, we recommend Bill McBride's A Pocket Guide to the Identification of First Editions, which will help you decode the indicators.
Occasionally publishers will print different jackets for the same title, such as with Terry Brooks' Star Wars Episode I (which had 4 different jackets). However, the jacket is not an indicator of the edition. Sometimes in later editions publishers take a less-expensive route with a jacket which, as with Janet Evanovich's Seven-Up, is not embossed. In this case it clearly indicates a later printing.

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