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Book of The Month Club Membership Benefits

Join our book of the month club. Here's what you'll get:

  • We will automatically send you signed US 1st edition new release books by the authors you select. Please note if you would also like to receive the UK or Norwood Press limited editions.
  • Receive an automatic 10% discount on your Book of The Month Club orders when you have 6 or more authors on your list.
  • Every month receive new release signed edition books from your author list; over 250 authors to choose from!
  • Access to club-only deals and discounts.
  • Receive our exclusive club member newsletters.
  • As always, free domestic shipping on orders of $75 or more, no sales tax, and, all books are jacketed in a protective acid-free acetate cover.
  • Anniversary presents!
  • As a "Thank You" for signing up, we will add a one-time bonus of 15,000 MY REWARDS points to your account for the first 3 authors listed, and 1,000 points for each thereafter. Redeem the points any time you like, and we check your points before creating any orders.
Have questions about the My Rewards Program? Read here

Book Club membership ensures that you won't miss a book from an author you read or collect. The Book Club creates stable ordering quantities from our publishers. We do our best to secure as many titles by each author as possible, but occasionally we are limited only to the stock we are sent. Orders are filled on a first come, first served basis. In the unlikely event of selling out of stock, we let you know immediately (this means you want to fill the form out below ASAP!)

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