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John meets up with author Grant Blackwood

Grant Blackwood I had the pleasure of speaking with Grant Blackwood this morning, and have nothing to report . . . well nothing of substance that is,
We had previously shared that Grant was teaming up with NY Times bestselling author James Rollins on a new adventure series. It seems that the publisher has great things in the works for these books as they are keeping them a closely watched secret. All I can say is that apparently the first book is written and in preparation for release. What its about, its title or plot are still hush-hush. Although, Grant is working on the second book he cannot give any details. Rest assured that as soon as we know and can release more information we will do so.
Grant is still polishing up his Briggs Tanner series for ebook release, and reconfirmed that he would like to see Norwood Press produce the hardcover edition.

Grant Blackwood is one of the good guys, and we look forward to more great stories from him.