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Mark Alpert Mark Alpert was born in New York City. He earned a degree in Astrophysics from Princeton University before moving on to a masters of fine arts in Poetry from Columbia University. Following graduation, he decided to become a journalist, and started out reporting for a small-town newspaper. Within a few years, he was writing about technology for Fortune Magazine.

Later, while working as a freelance writer, Alpert began writing fiction and sold his first short story to Playboy in 1991. Alpert began working as an editor for Scientific American in 1998, and rediscovered his passion for science. This would eventually lead him to begin writing science fiction novels, and in 2008, his debut novel, Final Theory was published. The story was well received, optioned for film, and continues on in The Omega Theory (2011). Since then, Alpert has brought many more stories to the page. His novels combine true-to-life scientific theory with creative, fast-paced plots.

Alpert lives in Manhattan with his wife and their two teenagers. He's a proud member of Scientific American's softball team, the Big Bangers.

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The Coming Storm by Mark Alpert

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The Orion Plan by Mark Alpert

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The Six by Mark Alpert

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The Omega Theory
Signed First Edition

The Omega Theory by Mark Alpert
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Mark Alpert Bibliography

  • Final Theory - 2008
  • Omega Theory - 2011
  • Extinction - 2013
  • The Furies - 2014
  • The Six - 2015
  • Orion Plan - 2016
  • The Coming Storm - January 2019

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