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Bestselling authors Grant Blackwood and James Rollins to create new thriller series!

Grant BlackwoodI just got off the phone with Grant Blackwood and am excited about his newest project.He is teaming up with James Rollins to produce a new series of thrillers, a spin off from Rollins' ever popular Sigma Force adventure novels.

James RollinsBoth Grant and Jim Rollins are longtime friends of VJ Books, and we look forward to this new series.

Grant has had tremendous success teaming with other authors, penning an impressive list ofNY Times bestsellers.His three Fargo adventures (written with Clive Cussler) all made it to the top of the NY Times list, and after debuting at number 1, Dead or Alive (written with Tom Clancy) held the top spot for several weeks.

If you aren't aware of Grant's three Briggs Tanner novels you are in for a treat.For a couple of years now Grant has had a couple of boxes of The Wall of Night carefully stored in his garage in Colorado.He has assured me that they will soon find their way back to us.So, here's your chance to pick-up a copy or two.

Grant is an incredible talent, and you may expect many more great stories from him in the years to come!