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Book Collecting 101: Double-Signed Books

Over 30 years ago Stephen King teamed with Peter Straub to pen THE TALISMAN. It was a relative first in modern publishing for two bestselling authors to co-write a new work of fiction. Since then, it has become much more common. Clive Cussler has teamed with 10 different authors to write his numerous series. James Rollins has teamed with Rebecca Cantrell and Grant Blackwood. Blackwood has also written with Cussler and Tom Clancy. Other teams include science fiction greats Kevin J. Anderson and Brian Herbert, Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnson, and thriller greats, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.

Family writing teams include Dick and Felix Francis, Jonathan, Faye and Jessie Kellerman, Mary and Carol (Higgins) Clark, and most recently Stephen and Owen King.

When a book is double-signed (signed by both co-authors), it is also more valuable than a book with only one authorís signature, or an unsigned copy of the same title. With the number of bestselling authors collaborating on the same title, the double-signed book is moving into its own category as a collectible preference. If collecting signed books is the center of interest, it only makes sense to have every contributor sign these books. It is also becoming more common to have the illustrator of a book sign those books that display their art. For instance, Phil Parks is a well-known illustrator, who has been known to sign books that contain his illustrations (many for Dean Koontz).

VJ Books has relationships with these writing teams and many others, and we are pleased to have a collectible signed books category dedicated to "double-signed" titles. These special volumes add value to any collection.

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