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Author Russell Blake

Author Russell BlakeI don't think there is a more prolific writer at work today than Russell Blake. His individual catalogue grows by several titles each year, plus the Fargo Adventures that he writes with Clive Cussler.

Eye of Heaven by Clive Cussler and Russell BlakeLast year in addition to THE EYE OF HEAVEN with Cussler, he wrote and published REQUIEM FOR AN ASSASSIN, JET SANCTUARY, BLACK TO REALITY, and JET: OPS FILES.

In REQUIEM FOR THE ASSASSIN, El Rey, the world's deadliest assassin, is called into the field to terminate a list of seemingly unrelated targets on behalf of the Mexican Intelligence Agency. JET - OPS FILES chronicles the early years of Maya, who would go on to become the Mossad's deadliest operative: the assassin known as Jet. From the West Bank to Tel Aviv to Jordan to Singapore to Indonesia, Ops Files is a breakneck adrenaline rush that will leave action thriller fans gasping. In JET SANCTUARY- Jet, Matt and Hannah on the run in South America, trying to evade enemies from their past who are determined to exterminate them. From Chile to Rio to Argentina to Moscow, the action never lets up as Jet battles to save her loved ones. BLACK TO REALITY is the fourth in the acclaimed BLACK series of noir detective fiction featuring Artemus Black, the world's losingest Hollywood Private Investigator.

JET Escape by Russell BlakeComing soon are the ninth, and possibly final, installment of the JET series, JET - ESCAPE, that picks up from where JET 8 left off, and follows our hero from Colombia, to Venezuela, to Cuba, as she and the family dodge villainous hit men out for blood.

RAMSEY'S GOLD kicks off a new series that is a rollicking adventure yarn that fans of Raiders of the Lost Ark are sure to enjoy. It chronicles the adventures of twenty-something Drake, who decides to follow his father's footsteps into the Amazon rainforest searching for Paititi - the legendary Inca city of gold.

Solomon Curse by Clive Cussler and Russell BlakeFinally, Blake rejoins Cussler for THE SOLOMON CURSE, featuring Sam and Remi Fargo in their most exciting adventure yet. Featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Times, and The Chicago Tribune, Blake is the NY Times and USA Today bestselling author of over thirty books, including Fatal Exchange, The Geronimo Breach, Zero Sum, King of Swords, Night of the Assassin, Revenge of the Assassin, Return of the Assassin, Blood of the Assassin, Requiem for the Assassin, The Delphi Chronicle trilogy, The Voynich Cypher, Silver Justice, JET, JET - Ops Files, JET II - Betrayal, JET III - Vengeance, JET IV - Reckoning, JET V - Legacy, JET VI - Justice, JET VII - Sanctuary, Upon A Pale Horse, BLACK, BLACK Is Back, BLACK Is The New Black, and BLACK To Reality.