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John explains the connection between Norwood Press and Cahill limited edition books American Assassin by Vince Flynn was published with two different jackets. Is one rarer than the other? Does the term "thus" following the description First Edition mean that the edition is not a true first?
All the McMillan books I have found, including those on your website, are referred to as first editions.  Did McMillan publish these titles concurrent with the larger publisher (i.e., Little, Brown)? Is my 1st edition of Notorious Nineteen also a 1st printing? US vs. UK - Does my collection really need them both?
Which is the true 1st edition of Wool by Hugh Howey? I have a book on my hands that is stumping. What exactly do I have? What is the difference between a Novella and a Short Story?
Can you tell me how tall the true 1st printing of Booked to Die should be? Are the books just signed or addressed to someone? Also, what does the description "remainder marked" mean? Can you explain the anomaly of the signature on my book being located on a blank page after the front loose endpaper?
Would a book's dust jacket change depending on its printings and editions? Was Clive Cussler's Blue Gold published in a hardcover edition? Where can I buy dust jacket covers and how thick should the covers be? Also, any suggestions on how to pack books that are going into storage?
Where do I find the total number of copies printed for a 1st edition book? I recently received a book that had a "signed copy" sticker directly attached to the book's dust jacket instead of to the dust jacket's protective cover. Why didn't VJ Books remove the sticker before sending the book to me? I'm interested in Christopher Moore's "Sacre Bleu". The description says "hardcover with half jacket" - can you explain what a half jacket is?
Does a signed copy of a book with a remainder mark have more value than an unmarked, unsigned book? I have signed book plates that I want to attach to the books. On which page and in what manner should I attempt to attach them to retain their value? Can you tell me if David Baldacci's "Wish You Well" was printed other than 8" high with 401 pages. I am trying to find it in the 9" high larger size like all my other Baldacci books. format?
Is my copy of "The Immortalists" a book club edition? Do publishers use different quality paper when publishing a book? How do I identify a first edition from Permanent Press?
Why is the jacket short on Zafon's Angel's Game? Is Howard Gordon’s book Obelisk the same book as Gideon’s war? Was Alan Bradley's "A Red Herring Without Mustard" published with a dust jacket?
Why can’t I find a first edition of D.F. Jones' Colossus? What is the difference in the books Serial and Serial Uncut by Blake Crouch and J.A. Konrath? I am confused about John Grisham's The Innocent Man. The first edition of this book seems to have a different cover. Does this book you have listed state inside that it is a first edition?
What is a "rough cut" book binding? Patrick Rothfuss - The Wise Man's Fear Number Line Nevada Barr's High Country is missing some pages... is it more valuable?
Do the errors found in The Passage by Justin Cronin make it more collectible? I have an A is for Alibi by Sue Grafton. What edition is it? What is an Advance Reading Copy?
I found a rare book by Dean Koontz. What is it worth? Were Clive Cussler's Blue Gold and Skeleton Coast ever produced in hardcover editions? I purchased J. Kellerman's "Gone" and when I got home I noticed the book did not have an ISBN. Is it a true first edition book?
Does the ISBN help determine the edition? How do I protect a dust jacket that is see-through? I've noticed that Clive Cussler's The Spy and John Sandford's Mortal Prey were printed without number lines on the copy write pages. Why?
How do personal inscriptions impact the value of a book? Some history about "tip-in" pages... What are tipped-in pages?
What is worth more, ARCs or unsigned first/first editions? Can you tell me if there were multiple board colors printed for Joe Hill's Heart-Shaped Box? Why does my book have uneven page edges?
How to identify first editions? US or UK - Which is a true first? I recently received a book with a bookplate. What do I do with the bookplate?
Why are UK editions more expensive than US editions? Are James Rollins' first three books only available in paperback? Why do both hardcover and trade paper editions
of Robert McCammon's The Queen of Bedlam exist?
Is there value in unsigned Stephen King books? Why do some first edition, first printing books have prices on the dust jacket flap and others don't? UK vs. US Editions
Have James Rollins' Subterranean, Excavation, and Deep Fathom books been released in hardcover? Why do publishers create different dust jackets? Why do some books have page edges that are uneven on the sides?
How do I determine whether a book is a true first edition? How does an inscription affect the value of a book? A question about Term Limits by Vince Flynn
Booked To Die by John Dunning I can only find paperback editions of a book I'd like to add to my collection. Why aren't hardcovers available? I've just found a beautiful copy of Chiefs by Stuart Woods

Book Features

Collectible books come in many sizes, shapes, and colors. How can you tell the difference between two different editions of the same title, and which one is most valuable? We have addressed many of these questions, and are always happy to help you figure out the many nuances of the hobby.