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VJ Books presents Author Signed Bookplates!

Signed Bookplates at VJ Books We have amassed thousands of author signed bookplates by hundreds of some of the most popular fiction authors. Bookplates have been a part of book collecting for hundreds of years. They were the earliest known marks of ownership of books, often bearing the name, motto, device, coat-of-arms, crest, badge, or any motif that related to the owner of the book. In recent years, author signed bookplates have been used to offer the collector author signed plates to enhance the value and collectability of a volume. They are of particular interest when an author signature is difficult to obtain (like Stephen King or Dan Brown), or the author is deceased (like Donald Westlake or Michael Crichton).

Sometimes these self-adhesive bookplates for authors to sign are "affixed" (stuck) to a page in a book, usually the first free endpaper. Growing in popularity, author signed bookplates are "laid-in" (loosely included) in the book. The laid-in process is preferred. If you later get the book signed by the author, you can then use the signed bookplate in a different book. In either event, an author signed bookplate increases the value of a book.