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Where can I join the Book of the Month Club?

You can find the sign-up page right here. Just enter your contact information and select which authors you'd like to add to your Book Club list.

I've joined the Book Club! What happens now?

We will place pre-orders for you based on your author list. For example, if Dean Koontz's new book releases in September, we will place an order for you in August to ensure you get the book (sometimes we sell out of our pre-orders, so we do this well in advance of the rush). Pre-orders are generated mid-month and payments for orders of 1-2 books are due immediately and 3 or more books are due within 7-10 days.

What about the authors that I write in?

We sell a lot of signed books by various authors, but the authors listed on the Book Club sign up page are guaranteed to sign for us every time. We will try our best to send you books from authors that you write in, but can't guarantee to have those write-in author books available, signed.

What about back stock?

This service is only for new releases. We can always add books to your pre-order. If you have a special request to include back stock of some of your authors, just send us an email.

Can I make changes to my order?

Email us any time with changes you'd like to make to your author list or orders!

Am I charged right away?

We want to make sure you're happy with your order. For orders of 3 or more books, we offer a short window of time (about 7 days) to make changes to your order before applying payment. When the pre-order is created mid-month, you will receive a copy of your in your email inbox. Go ahead and look it over and see if the pre-order is correct (address, payment method, books on the order). For orders of 1-2 books we process payment immediately, but are happy to add any books you might wish.

Payment Method

On or around the 22nd of the month (7 days after we create the order) we will process your credit card for the payment (preferred) or send a reminder to pay via Paypal. Timely payment is expected and appreciated. Please respond in a timely manner to payment requests.

Any other cool perks?

As a bonus to our Book of the Month Club Members, we have a special page for you with books discounted up to 50% - Book Club Member's Specials! This page is only available to you as a member of Book Club. To access this page, first log into your account, and then click the Book Club Members Only link in the left sidebar to see these great deals.

Additionally, if you have selected 6 or more authors, your Book Club pre-orders will automatically receive 10% off (Book Club orders only).

Can I see my author list on the website?

Not yet - we are still working on a way to tie the database to the Book of the Month Club database. So far we have not found an elegant self-serve solution that doesn't break the website. For now, simply email and we'll be happy to make updates or answer questions!

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