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Author Steven BarnesSteven Barnes is a New York Times bestselling, award-winning novelist and screenwriter who is the creator of the Lifewritingª writing course, which he has taught nationwide. He recently won an NAACP Image Award as co-author of the Tennyson Hardwick mystery series with actor Blair Underwood and his wife, Tananarive Due.

In addition to being an author and writing instructor, he is also a life coach, CST coach and certified hypnotist. He has more than 30 years' experience in the self-development arts, including hypnosis certification with Transformative Arts Institute in Marin, CA, training as a yoga and Tai Chi instructor, and fourth-degree black belt. Barnes has gained a unique understanding of the relationship between myth, energy and consciousness, and has shared it with thousands of students and clients since 1980.

In addition, he has lectured at UCLA, Mensa, Pasadena JPL, taught at Seattle University, hosted the "Hour 25" radio show on KPFK, been Kung Fu columnist for Black Belt Magazine, been a "Starred Speaker" at the L.A. Screenwriting Expo, and been profiled in countless magazines, newspapers, radio shows and webzines.

Nominated for Hugo, Nebula, and Cable Ace awards, writer of the Emmy-winning "A Stitch In Time" episode of The Outer Limits, winner of the Endeavor and the NAACP Image Awards, NY Times Bestselling author, Steven has written comic books, animation, newspaper copy, magazine articles, television scripts and three million words of published fiction published in seven languages, making him one of the world's most honored, diverse and popular writers.

Once a nationally ranked karate competitor, he now makes his home in Southern California with his wife, American Book Award winner Tananarive Due, and his son, Jason.

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Steven Barnes Bibliography

The Dream Park Series

  1. Dream Park - 1981 (with Larry Niven)
  2. The Barsoom Project - 1989 (with Larry Niven)
  3. The California Voodoo Game - 1992 (with Larry Niven)
  4. The Moon Maze Game - 2011 (with Larry Niven)

The Aubry Knight Series

  1. Street Lethal - 1983
  2. Gorgon Child - 1989
  3. Firedance - 1993

The Heorot Series

  1. The Legacy of Heorot - 1987 (with Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle)
  2. Beowulf's Children - 1995 (with Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle)

The Insh'Allah Series

  1. Lion's Blood - 2002 (winner of the 2003 Endeavour Award)
  2. Zulu Heart - 2003

The "Ibandi" Series

  1. Great Sky Woman - 2006
  2. Shadow Valley - 2009

The Tennyson Hardwick Novels

  1. Casanegra - 2007 (with Blair Underwood and Tananarive Due)
  2. In the Night of the Heat - 2008 (with Blair Underwood and Tananarive Due)
  3. From Cape Town with Love - 2010 (with Blair Underwood and Tananarive Due)
  4. South by Southeast - 2012 (with Blair Underwood and Tananarive Due)

Stand-Alone Novels and Other Works

  • The Descent of Anansi - 1982 (with Larry Niven)
  • The Kundalini Equation - 1986
  • Achilles' Choice - 1991 (with Larry Niven)
  • Blood Brothers - 1996
  • Iron Shadows - 1997
  • Far Beyond the Stars - 1998 (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novelization)
  • The Lives of Dax: "The Music Between the Notes" - 1999
  • Saturn's Race - 2000 (with Larry Niven)
  • Charisma - 2002
  • The Cestus Deception - 2004 (Star Wars novel set in the Clone Wars)
  • Assassin and Other Stories - 2010 (a collection)
  • The Invisible Imam (a novel included in Assassin and Other Stories)
  • The Seascape Tattoo - 2016 (with Larry Niven)

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