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Book Collecting 101: A Tour of the Publishing Houses Book Collecting 101: Remainder Marks The Trade Paper Edition Emerges
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Collection Valuation John shares his thoughts about and the publishing industry I am looking for some advice about valuing signed books. Do you have any idea or know how I can find out their value?
Aren't e-books going to kill the independent bookseller? What are your opinions on C.J. Box or any other authors you feel strongly about? Options for reading a collectible book
How do I know if a book is a "true" first edition? How do I remove mold from my books and how can I prevent books from becoming moldy? How do I safely pack my books for a move?
In your opinion, which ones (authors, titles) are a good investment? Where can I check on your website for older book titles that may have come in? I'm attending a book signing by Clive Cussler. Which books should I take?
Why collect books? What is going on with the Wal-mart, Target and Amazon price wars? What's the best way to start collecting books?
In what order should I read Jack DuBrul's books? What do you buy a book collector? What is the best way to care for my first editions?
What are your recommendations for buying and selling on eBay? I would like to start collecting - What books do you recommend?

John Weighs In

So you want to start collecting books. John fields collector questions about the five “Ws” of book collecting; why, who, which, when, and where. Check these out – if you don’t find what you are looking for send us an email at and we’ll add your question and the answer to this page.