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Does it matter where a book is signed by the author? I recently received LAST MAN by Vince Flynn. This is not an accusation against you, but the signature in it is not even close to any other autograph by him, including other signed books by him that I have in my collection. Can I can get a personalized message by the author?
What is the value of an author's minimal (non-personalized) inscription in a book? Does VJ Books sell books that authors have signed, lined, and dated? Will affixing my personal bookplate to my book affect its value?
Does it detract from the value of a book to have it signed by the translator (in addition to the author)? How do you tell if a book signature is authentic? Why would an author sign a remainder-marked book?
How does a book plate affect the value of a book? Some signed first editions come with a sticker on the front of the book saying "signed copy" and it seems those copies are signed on a blank page. Why?


The signed book has become the pinnacle of book collecting. It combines the aspects of two different hobbies, books and autographs, into one huge field of interest. As with any new specialty many questions arise: where should it be signed; what about inscriptions or dedications; what's authentic; and much more. You may find some of these questions and answers helpful as you move into collecting signed books.