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VJ Books answers your questions about First Thus Editions

"First Edition Thus" means the first appearance in this format. These are typically reprints or alternate formats but not considered the "true first."

If a book was originally published in a mass-market paperback format (for instance, an author's early title before they became well-known), it might be reprinted later in a more collectible, longer-lasting hardcover format when the author becomes more renowned. It is "thus, the first hardcover edition" - the first time the book appears in hardcover.

Other times, material is printed in magazines or other "novella" style serials and later collected into a single compendium, which is "thus" the first edition of the collected works, either in paperback or hardcover. "Thus" can also cover various reprints and revisions, as long as they are the first edition of the book to be published in that format.

These collectible "first" thus editions have great value to fans both for their often-improved binding format and ease of serial collection, and make many older or hard to find titles available to new collectors.

As always, please feel free to contact [email protected] with any questions you have about "first" thus edition books within your existing collection, or those you might consider purchasing. Consider visiting the Ask John or FAQ pages for even more information about book collecting!
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