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Grant Blackwood on Dead or Alive

Grant BlackoodI talked with Grant Blackwood the morning after Dead or Alive opened at #1 on the New York Times list. In his own humble way he commented that maybe he will earn an "asterisk" after his name when it appears in print.

For those of you who know Grant and his growing body of work, it is obvious that the "asterisk" ought to appear in bold print. He has written 12 books in the last four years, including three Tom Clancy ÔSplinter Cell" novels (writing as David Michaels), Conviction, Fallout and Checkmate.

Finally after 7 long years, a Tom Clancy book is topping all lists with a blockbuster novel of international intrigue and suspense. The buzz is everywhere about what is sure to be one of the biggest books of the decade. Just check out these two links to see why!

Dead Or Alive Trailer - Tom Clancy

Tom Clancy is interviewed by 'Chuck' A. Horner, Retired Air Force General

We at VJ Books could not believe our good fortune when we learned that Clancy would be available to sign copies of Dead or Alive for us. When we added Grant Blackwood's signing to these massive books, we are sure that our customers will be amongst the privileged few to have double signed copies.