Take advantage of MyRewards at VJ Books.
How MyRewards work

My Rewards Points

It pays to go with MyRewards! Earn points for books. Turn points into personal Gift Certificates. Save money!

Here's how it works:

  1. Once your full order has shipped (on split orders, the last book has shipped), MyRewards Points are available to be redeemed*.
  2. To view your MyRewards, simply go to MyRewards in your account profile (located under Other Features).
  3. Redeem your points.
  4. Redeemed points turn into personal Gift Certificates (check your Gift Certificate balance in your account profile under Payment Settings)
  5. Redeemed MyRewards Gift Certificates automatically apply to your next order*.

IMPORTANT: MyRewards points expire in 180 days from the last book shipped on the order. Make sure to redeem MyRewards points often! Gift Certificates do not expire :-)

*When redeemed MyRewards Gift Certificates apply toward an order, the new order is ineligible to earn points. So, when you redeem points, just buy 1 or 2 books on the next order. That way you won't miss out on too many points.

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