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VJ Books answers your questions about Book Collecting and Book Grading

Book Collectors Are a Rare Breed

It starts with a good book read: a relatable character, a hero or heroine flawed, wronged yet engaged.
From there it's another book in a series, or perhaps a stand-alone novel where the author takes the reader to a new place of connection to the world around us. And then it evolves. For the book collector a bookcase is more than a place to store your treasures. It is comforting visual cue: sorted by author and then title, all signed, spines facing out, jackets protected and covered. It's a visual cue of both time and money well spent. A book collection is a personal investment not just an appreciating asset, in oneself, and the books on the shelf prove it.

Whether you are a new reader, or long-time collector this page is for you. Learn about book collecting and the nuances of book grading. Here you will find tips for increasing the value of your collection and the depth of your passion for reading.

Our Book Collecting 101 series will give you a great foundation for what it means to have a collection that appreciates in value not only as an investment, but for your enjoyment.

The VJ Books grading system
is designed to satisfy the expectations of the discerning book collector. Learn the different terms for grading books and book jackets. Become familiar with unique grading terms such as Advanced Reading Copies, PBOs and Remainder Marked editions.

As always, please feel free to contact with any questions you have about books within your existing collection, or those you might consider purchasing. Visit the Ask John or FAQ pages for even more information about book collecting! We appreciate your comments and questions, and hope we are your resource for collecting needs.
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Atkins, Ace | Innocents, The | Signed First Edition Book Atkins, Ace | Innocents, The | Signed First Edition Book

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