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Inmate 1577 by Alan Jacobson is in the running for ITW's Thriller of the Year Award and the IPPY Award for Best Mystery of the Year

We caught up with Alan recently to talk about all the excitement over Inmate 1577.In addition to all the great reviews, "Inmate" in the running for two prestigious awards, ITW's Thriller of the Year, and the IPPY Award for best mystery of the year.

Additionally, TNT has optioned the Karen Vail series for a series of two hour, made for TV movies.

Karen Vail, the FBI profiler featured in the four novels bearing her name, will travel to London in the fifth book.Alan spent "an "enormous" amount of time with Scotland Yard doing his trademark research for this story.Currently, Alan is hard at work doing the final edit on his stand-alone thriller, Hard Target, which will be published by Norwood Press later this year.

VJ Books offers signed copies of all of the Karen Vail novels, The 7th Victim, Crush, Velocity, and, of course, Inmate 1577.Also available is the limited edition, slipcased set of the first three including a special introduction by Alan, The Karen Vail Trilogy.