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Jon Land

Author Jon LandIn 2009, with nearly thirty books in print, literary recognition, and bestseller status, Jon Land introduced us to a fifth-generation Texas ranger, Caitlin Strong. The origin of Caitlin Strong, clearly Land's greatest and most complex hero, owes itself to a conversation he had with his publisher. With all the thrillers out there, bought predominantly by women, there wasn't a single female thriller series hero. Not one. Enter Caitlin Strong - Publishers Weekly calls Caitlin "a tough original heroine."

Writing a character sometimes referred to as the "female Jack Reacher," Land now has six books in the series, starting with STRONG ENOUGH TO DIE (2009), followed by STRONG JUSTICE (2010), STRONG AT THE BREAK (2011), STRONG VENGEANCE (2012), STRONG RAIN FALLING (2013), and most recently, STRONG DARKNESS (2014).

In 2012 Land returned after 15 years to his Blaine McCracken series with PANDORA'S TEMPLE, followed up by THE TENTH CIRCLE (2013).

Black Scorpion by Jon LandWith his latest thriller, BLACK SCORPION: THE TYRANT REBORN, Land returns with the next adventure of The Seven Sins' Michael "The Tyrant" Tiranno, who saved Las Vegas, Nev., from a terrorist attack five years ago. In a pulse pounding sequel, Michael faces a bigger threat—the infamous Black Scorpion crime empire, based in Eastern Europe, an organization that engages in human trafficking across the globe.

A feature film is in active development based on the character of Michael Tiranno, the Tyrant. The film will be based on the blended adaptation of BLACK SCORPION its predecessor, THE SEVEN SINS. Both have also been licensed to DC Comics for comic books and graphic novels publications worldwide.

Land continues to deliver some of the best, most thought-provoking thrillers in the business. BLACK SCORPION is no exception.