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Pre-Orders and Author Signing Schedules (Where's my book?)

We appreciate the time that authors take to sign books for VJ Books. But signed books usually take longer to get than unsigned books.

We are often asked, "I saw the book I ordered from you on store shelves, where is my copy?" Most mass merchants are preshipped books so that they can put them out on the official laydown date. Often they put them out before we even receive our copies.

Delivery of signed copies always follow later.

It is important to remember that release dates are established by the publisher for the first day that a book will be available for sale, and are subject to change based on authors' schedules. We continue to strive to get your signed books to you as close to the release date as possible. Typically our new release titles ship out about two to three weeks after the publisher lay-down date.

How long depends on several factors, most due to the availability of the author to sign stock. Touring schedules usually delay an author being able to sign. Where the author signs also impacts delivery time. Whether they sign at our store, at the publisher, at their home or elsewhere, may add shipping time to the process. UK editions and UK authors take even longer due to transit time back and forth from the UK.

Limited Editions follow later in the process. Our Norwood Press editions typically follow trade hardcover release by about a month. Other publisher editions have been known to show months later.

Most of our customers are used to this process, and we appreciate their patience and understanding. For our new customers, we apologize for the delay, and understand that you want your books quickly.

To all we make this promise . . all books will ship immediately once they arrive here.

So, as a book collector, be patient! Signed and collectible books are always worth waiting (just a little while) for! Check here for a complete list of our upcoming titles and the months they release in. We also send out a monthly update on pre-orders, letting you know which are being signed, and those already shipping. Sign-up for email updates here!