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It's Berry (Barry) Season!

When Virginia first arrived here from Texas her concept of jam was the grape variety (Welch's preferred). As a native Oregonian I embraced my duty to expose her to berries. Now I am not talking about the obvious blues, rasps and strawberries (even though Oregon strawberries know no equal), but those more sophisticated varieties that tease the palette of the most hardened skeptic - Marions, Waldos, Boyzens, Logans, Huckles, and my favorite, Tayberries. We are always on the lookout for something new, unique and exciting.

So what's new from the thorny branches of the literary scene? Yes, I am talking about Berrys (Barrys)!

Barry LancetMeet Barry Lancet, a long-time American expat in Japan. His first novel, "JAPANTOWN," a contemporary thriller with Japan as the backdrop was received with rave reviews. It is the story of a San Francisco-based American antique dealer with strong ties to Japan and clues to a horrible crime committed by a secret society of ancient killers. This mystery adds a fresh perspective to the archetype of the gaijin detective. The author possesses stronger knowledge of the culture than others who have tackled the genre, and actually contributes new insights into the themes and rhythms of the charm, history, and culture, people and places that flow from his stories.

Now he returns with TOYKO KILL.

TOKYO, 2:36 P.M.

Eight people had already died by the time Akira Miura showed up at our door fearing for his life.

When the commotion broke out I'd been on a long-distance call to London trying to track down an original ink painting by Sengai, the renowned Japanese painter-monk of Circle, Triangle, and Square fame. The rumor had come out of the United Kingdom, so I was plying channels to nail down the potential gem for a client in San Francisco who would kill to get it, and kill me if I didn't.

Read the rest of chapter one. Not enough? Here's chapter two! You can reserve your copy here. You will be thrilled.

We are pleased to add Barry Lancet to our ever expanding field of berries. A field that includes Award-winning author Sebastian Barry's THE TEMPORARY GENTLEMAN, Max Barry's LEXICON, Dave Barry's YOU CAN DATE BOY WHEN YOU'RE FORTY, and don't forget, Brunonia Barry and Barry Eisler. And of course the most prominent berry in our field is none other than Steve Berry!

Now that's "jamming!"