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VJ Books presents Reader Reviews: Nikki!

Reviewer Nikki "As an avid reader, I absolutely LOVE to share my thoughts and ponders with fellow readers. Reviewing books is one of the best ways I can encourage others to read, especially books that one may or may not have considered spending time with. I make it a point to open to page one in each book with an open mind and try to capture the essence of the book when writing reviews, which, to me, leaves a bigger impression with a reader than the initial storyline. Whether you are looking for a book as a gift to a dedicated reader, or as a gift to yourself, my goal is that in writing reviews, you'll have a bigger glimpse of a particular book than by just reading the inside flap of the dust jacket.

As a novice book collector, I came to VJbooks in search of signed first edition, first printings of some of my favorite authors. To me, owning a collectible piece of literature is like owning a treasure. It can be quite an addicting hobby that always starts with "just" one book. John and Virginia have been extremely helpful and have gone out of their way to show their dedication, not only to their customers, but to their love of books as well. I do correspond with a few authors, and all have wonderful things to say about VJbooks.

As I am always cycling through authors, if you have any recommendations, I am open to reading those as well! Some of my all-time favorite books were novels that I only read because they were recommended by someone else!

Nikki was born in South Korea, has lived all over the world, and currently resides in Houston, Texas with her beloved husband and three young children. She is a full time mom, professional quilter and designer, as well as a former accountant. As a devoted reader, she delves into several books a week, when time allows, and chooses to share her thoughts with other readers as a way of communicating and encouraging others to enter a new world by simply opening a book.

Check out some of Nikki's reviewed books below!

The Green Mile
First Edition

The Green Mile by Stephen King

Signed First Edition

Utopia by Lincoln Child

Signed First Edition

Prey by Michael Crichton

Cemetary Dance
Signed First Edition

Cemetary Dance by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Signed First Edition

Next by Michael Crichton

Tyrannosaur Canyon
Signed First Edition

Tyrannosaur Canyon by Douglas Preston