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VJ Books presents Reader Reviews: Mark!

Reviewer Mark! "My name is Mark van Dijk and I am from Holland. I collect books. Signed first editions, Antiquarian books, but also almost everything of A Christmas Carol. This is, together with The Count of Monte Cristo, my favorite story. I can proudly say that I have a first edition, first printing of both books. My favorite genre is horror, although nowadays in Holland they call it thriller. The horror genre doesn't exist here anymore. My favorite writer is Dean Koontz. I have almost all his books in signed first editions (except a few very early ones) and I have read almost every books of his. I also like the books of John Saul very much.

To pay for my expensive hobby, there has to be a lot of money every month. Luckily I love my work. I am the head mechanic in a construction factory, where we build agricultural machinery. Every day I work late. My days begin at 5 O'clock in the morning and I come home at half past six in the evening. But I have a good time, and when I look at all my books, I can honestly say it is all worth it.

The attic of my house is my library. Surrounded by bookcases, in the middle of the floor is my desk. Here I also try to write. My first manuscript is almost ready and goes to the publisher in a few weeks. Let's all cross our fingers and wish for me that they will publish it.

I have found the site of VJBOOKS when I was looking for a special book of Dean Koontz. They were the only one who could offer it to me for a normal price. (Hey, I am still Dutch and cheap, you know!) And now it is the only site where I come monthly. I love the Meet the author section. That is my favorite. Virginia and John: Thank you!"

Good luck, Mark!