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Dead Eye by Mark GreaneyBefore he worked with Tom Clancy on three Jack Ryan novels, Locked On, Threat Vector and Command Authority, Mark Greaney brought us ‘the Grey Man," both in name and character. Grey Man is the operative name of Court Gentry, a CIA legend - a covert agent who specializes in assassination.

Gentry was the best killer working black ops for the CIA. He always succeeded in doing the impossible, and then would slip away like a ghost. When an op went bad, and he lost all of his team, Gentry was burned by the agency, and a shoot-on-site order was issued for him.

Gentry now works alone - a contract killer with a conscience.

The first three books in the series are The Grey Man, On Target, and Ballistic.

In the latest book, Dead Eye, Court Gentry exposes himself to a new threat, a killer like him, trained at the same ultra-secret program, code name Dead Eye.

Russell Whitlock, aligned with a CIA hired contract security specialists, pursues Gentry across Russia and Finland, and into Europe where Dead Eye has been hired by the Iranians to take out a high value target. His plan - kill the target, collect his big pay check, and leave evidence pointing to the Grey Man.

Dead Eye is a high stake thriller with geopolitical overtones, cleaver twists and turns, with surprises right to the breath taking conclusion.

NY Times bestselling author James Rollins calls Court Gentry, “Bourne for the new millennium." “Never has an assassin been rendered so real yet so deadly." Gentry “strikes with the impact of a bullet to the chest."

Mark Greaney’s writing is crisp, intense and intelligent. Dead Eye is one of the best thrillers I have read in a long time. Each book ends with you screaming for the next, and when it arrives you can be sure that the Grey Man will thrill and entertain.