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Winner's Game One of the traditions at our home during the holidays is a reading of THE PAPER BAG CHRISTMAS by Kevin Milne. This bitter sweet story finds Christopher Ringle moonlighting as Santa Claus at the mall on Black Friday, where he meets Molar Alan, a youngster who desperately needs a new perspective on the underlying value of Christmas, a perspective that proves bigger than life to Mo and his brother who volunteer at a children's hospital for the holiday season. If you don't mind having your heart-strings stretched a bit, read and share this story with your loved ones.

In recent years we sponsored a bookclub for teens that thoroughly enjoyed THE PAPER BAG CHRISTMAS, and who where privileged to have Kevin drop by to discuss his book.

Last Friday Kevin came by to sign copies of his latest novel, THE WINNER'S GAME, a deeply moving story exploring the true meaning of love and family. Virginia and I always enjoy seeing Kevin, and were enthralled at his change in direction with his book in progress. While are lips are sealed for now, his voice will be a welcome addition to his new genre.

Kevin A. Milne is the author of six books, in addition to the two mentioned above he also penned THE NINE LESSONS, SWEET MISFORTUNE, THE FINAL NOTE, and last year's THE ONE GOOD THING. Each of his stories resonates with the ups and downs, good and bad, tragedy and joy of real life, inspired by the themes of love, loss, and renewal.

These are stories for the whole family that make the world just a little better to live in.

Good reading,