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New Arrival - Now In Stock!
Alex Berenson
Berenson, Alex - Twelve Days (Signed First Edition)
The ninth book in Berenson's bestselling John Wells (The Faithful Spy) series, TWELVE DAYS, has just released!

John Wells has only twelve days to stop the United States from being tricked into invading Iran in the new cutting-edge novel of modern suspense from the #1 New York Times-bestselling and Edgar Award-Winning author.
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"Berenson is a master at building tension, with a ticking clock that's built into the title-This one is well worth the thriller enthusiast's time.... "
- Kirkus Review
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Don't Miss This Debut: Three New Authors You Oughta Read!
Rick Campbell
Like Tom Clancy?
Then you'll love Rick Campbell!

Author Rick Campbell Rick Campbell, a retired Navy Commander, spent more than twenty-five years in the Navy, serving on four nuclear-powered submarines, finishing his career with tours in the Pentagon and in the Washington Navy Yard. On his last submarine, he was one of the two men whose permission is required to launch the submarine's nuclear warhead-tipped missiles.

Upon retirement from the Navy, Rick tried was offered a two-book deal (now a four-book deal) by St. Martin's Press for his novel - The Trident Deception, his first book was hailed as "The best submarine novel since The Hunt for Red October. (read more)

The Trident Deception
The Trident Deception opens on the USS Kentucky-a Trident ballistic missile submarine carrying a full complement of 192 nuclear warheads - is about to go on a routine patrol. Not long after it reaches the open sea, however, the Kentucky receives a launch order. After receiving that launch order, it is cut off from all counter-orders and disappears into the Pacific... ( read more)
Empire Rising by Rick Campbell
Empire Rising

His second book, Empire Rising (February 2015), China, after a long, secret military buildup, launches a swift and deadly attack on Taiwan. But that's only their first move in a much deadlier game...
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Lee Kelly
Liked The Hunger Games? Then you'll love City of Savages!

Lee Kelly
Lee Kelly has wanted to write since she was old enough to hold a pencil - and City of Savages is her first novel.

There are plenty of heart-pounding moments in Kelly's debut, and an abundance of vividly imagined details bring post-apocalyptic New York City to searing life.

Kelly packs a lot into this dystopian novel, including cannibal infested subway tunnels, hotels run by a religious cult, and a diary that contains the story of how their mother survived the initial attacks of the war Kelly doesn't shrink from depicting the post-apocalyptic violence, some of it extreme - the galloping tension keeps the pages turning.

City of Savages
City of Savages

After the Red Allies turn New York City into a POW camp, two sisters must decipher the past in order to protect the future in this action-packed thriller with a dual narrative. It's been nearly two decades since the Red Allies first attacked New York, and Manhattan is now a prisoner-of-war camp, ruled by brutal, impulsive warlords. After a group of strangers arrives at the annual POW census, two girls begin to uncover the island's long-kept secrets...

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Ross Ritchell
Like Jack Coughlin
? Then you'll love Ross Ritchell!
Ross Ritchell Ross Ritchell is a former Army Ranger who served with distinction in a United States Special Operations Command direct-action team conducting classified operations in the Middle East.
In his first novel, The Knife, he delivers a war story about the mind-numbing periods of waiting, the stress of battle fatigue, the ingeniously idiotic ideas that fill downtime and the spine-tingling moments when life is ever so fragile.

Ritchell, Ross - Knife, The (Signed First Edition)
The Knife
The Knife is a debut novel of intense authenticity. As scenes of horseshoes and horseplay cut to dim Ambien-soaked trips in helicopters and beyond, Ritchell's story takes us deep beneath the testosterone-laced patter into the lonelier, more ambivalent world of military life in the Middle East. The result is a fast-paced journey into darkness; a quintessential novel of the American wars of the twenty-first century.

A powerful, dark, and morally provocative debut novel about a U.S. Special Forces unit operating in the Middle East, written by a former soldier- No Easy Day meets Redeployment... (read more)

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