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Matthew Palmer

We first introduced you to Matthew Palmer with last year's release of his first novel, THE AMERICAN MISSION. Palmer, a twenty-year veteran of the U.S. Foreign Service, currently serving as the director of Multilateral Affairs in the State Department's Bureau of Asian and Pacific Affairs, is the son of bestselling author Michael Palmer, and the brother of Daniel Palmer. A life member of the Council of Foreign Relations, Palmer has worked as a diplomat all over the world. While in Africa, he helped design and implement the Kimberly Process for certifying African diamonds as "conflict-free," becoming the basis for THE AMERICAN MISSION.

Secrets of StateThis May Matthew Palmer returns with SECRETS OF STATE, another gripping, all-too-real thriller deeply entrenched in real-world global intrigue and international politics, this time examining the world's most dangerous yet overlooked nuclear threat—war between India and Pakistan.