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Remebering author Paul Lindsay

Paul Liindsay It was with profound sadness that I learned today that one of my favorite authors, Paul Lindsay a.k.a. Noah Boyd died last fall from complications of pneumonia. He was 68.

Lindsay, a former FBI agent, spent more than twenty years working on some of the Bureau's toughest investigations, including the Green River Killer case and the Highland Park Strangler case (which he's credited with solving).

Writing as Noah Boyd, his first book in the Steve Vail series, The Bricklayer, was published in 2010. The second, Agent X, was published in February 2011. Boyd's intimate knowledge of the Bureau's inner workings, including its weaknesses, and his "in the trenches" experience lent unusual authenticity to Vail's character and the novel's investigative details.

The Steve Vail character was complex and genuine and I had hoped for many more installments, but alas, it is not meant to be.

Paul Lindsay was always available to VJ Books and we will miss him.